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≫ 10 baby shower Mistakes you have to AVOID ✨

A baby shower is a special moment for the future mother a celebration to share, to laugh and enjoy with family and friends.

And, although there are things that can go wrong when throwing a baby shower that escapes from our hands, there are other aspects that we can control when we are planning a baby shower.

For this reason, we want to bring you 10 DO NOT DO when throwing a baby shower.

Mistake nº 1, Invite too many people.

We are always tempted to invite everyone we meet, friends, co-workers, a family that you have not seen for years, in short, the temptation is enormous.

I understand you, you are celebrating a special moment and you want everyone to be part of it, you can even think they do not come all.

However, the opposite can happen and everyone you invite can appear.

Make a shortlist, think in really close friends, those you see almost every day, think about inviting people you trust, with whom you have a close relationship, the family you see all the time for instance.

This helps you not to overspend and to enjoy better your moment.

Mistake nº 2, Leave everything for the last moment.

Perhaps due to greater circumstances, you haven’t even had time to think about planning the baby shower.

Don’t worry about that and don’t make a problem of it, if you are already in the last months and the time has flown by, you can leave the baby shower for when the baby is born.

Maybe it’s not what you expected, but you can see it as a welcome party for the baby, it can be something more calm, but nice.

But trust me, do not celebrate a Baby Shower at the last moment, it will not be fun and it will be very exhausting, in the end, it will not be a party to enjoy.

Mistake nº 3, Have Alcohol at the baby shower.

Why serve alcohol if the mom to be, can’t drink?

It doesn’t make sense to serve something that the mother can not enjoy, it is better to opt for non-alcoholic drinks, make a mix of fun juices or play with non-alcoholic cocktails.

Besides, this way you can avoid problems if a guest drinks too much and ends up behaving improperly.

Mistake nº 4, Knowing the best time to celebrate.

The best time to celebrate a baby shower is during the 34th and 36th week of pregnancy, in those weeks the mother still feels very active and willing to have fun.

Also, be aware of the best hour to celebrate the baby shower.

The baby shower should be focused on a daytime event and not a nighttime one.

Mistake nº 5 Not listening to the future mom to be wishes.

Sometimes, if we are planning a baby shower for a dear friend or family, we want to do everything we see on the web or in a magazine and we don’t listen to mommy wishes.

Is better if you leave surprise aside and sit down with her and talk about what her wishes are, she probably doesn’t want to play games at the party or doesn’t want some decoration or food.

Remember is her party, she must feel happy all the time.

Babay shower mistake momy whises

Mistake nº 6 You don’t stick to the budget.

The best thing you can do is to stick to the budget. In a baby shower, we can spend our budget on favors and decoration.

As a host, you have to stay faithful to the agreed budget, this way you will avoid headaches for the mom to be.

Even try to DIY many of the decorations, it will be fun and keep the future mom busy.

Mistake nº 7 Not choosing the baby shower theme on time.

It is the first thing you should do when planning the baby shower, it will be so much easy for you.

Talk to the mom to be about it, what she likes, if she already has a preferred theme, decided together. The rest of the planning will be much simpler.

Mistake nº 8. Inappropriate Baby Shower Games.

It is important if the future mom wants to make games at the party, these games are appropriate for the event.

Remember it’s not a bachelorette party.

The baby shower is a family reunion, where several generations attend, friends, even co-workers go to the party, do not do activities that can embarrass us.

Stay attached to fun and familiar games, everyone will appreciate.

Mistake nº 9, Not doing a baby registry.

This can be a big mistake, although it is not mandatory to bring a gift, it is better to have a clear list of the necessary products that the guests can carry to the baby shower.

This will help the guests know what baby products do you need in the immediate future, so you do not fill yourself with unnecessary things.

Make your baby registry

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Mistake nº10. Not having the dad to be on the baby shower.

He must be part of the event.!!

This is his special moment too, do not leave him out.

The future dad must be part of everything, this will create a beautiful bond between the parents to be, also he deserves a bit of fun and relaxing time.

momy and dady on the baby shower

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