10 temas lindos para baby shower

▷ Beautiful baby shower themes that you will adore.

Looking for ideas to organize a beautiful Baby Shower, follow this guide with 10 beautiful and original themes to make a unique, different, elegant and unforgettable baby shower.

No matter the gender of your future baby or if it is still a surprise, with these ideas you will not go wrong.

10 beautiful Baby Shower Ideas.

1. Shabby Chic Baby Shower decoration.

A pretty unique and beautiful style, this is a chic style, that comes from the elegant country houses in Britain.

Shabby Chic means in general terms worn and elegant, where the pieces of decoration have a worn style, but that vintage style gives them that elegant and beautiful look.

Shaby chic baby shower decor

For this Shabby Chic style, the romantic pieces are the protagonists.

Which decorative aspects you should consider for this style?

✓Use pastels or white colors.

✓Use of flowers.

✓Classic and vintage furniture, with a lot of wood.

✓ A mix of styles: the old with the new.

2.Your little Safari, baby shower theme.

This is a great and beautiful theme, for throw a surprise gender reveal baby shower.

The little safari is a world of animals that we find in the African savannah: lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras. Think of the Madagascar movie and inspire with the colors and elements of the African savannah.

Safari baby shower

The predominant colors for this theme are green, cream, khaki.

You can play with these decor elements: tree leaves and the images of the animals. The balloons and garlands will be your allies to achieve this theme.

Decorative aspects that not should be missing:

✓Plants that evoke the savannah: ferns, palms.
✓Balloons, white, green and brown. Garlands that simulate leaves.
✓Figures with Safari animals: Lions, giraffe, monkeys, zebra, elephants.

3. A Sailor Baby Shower

sailor babyshower decor

A classic theme, if everyone knows that the future prince of the house is a boy.

With this theme, you can play with beautiful sea decor elements, use sailor knots as decoration and of course deliver beautiful sailors’ hats to the party guests.

Decorative aspects of this theme.

✓The main color palette for this theme is blue and white

✓Balloons with these colors and garlands with pennants are perfect for a dock effect

✓Marine accessories, such as sea sand, boat ropes, glass jars, and seashells.

4. Vintage Baby Shower.

This style is great because we can ask family and friends to give us old objects with which we can work.

An old camera, antique porcelain or those leather suitcases of the 20s, are perfect to play with this style, which can become tender and romantic by adding roses as part of the decoration.

Vintage babyshower

Decoration aspects that you can include:

✓The colors for this style can be quite neutral and pastel, the ochre, and yellow are colors that go hand by hand with this style.
Use garlands of pennants, they are classic and were very popular in the 50s.

✓Accessories such as old teapots and old tea sets are perfect to emphasize more this style. Old milk bottles would be great to decorate the baby shower with this vintage theme.

5. Farm Baby Shower Theme.

An outdoor baby shower is always a good day. You can plan a beautiful baby shower with a farm theme, relaxed and fresh.

Country tables decorated with Mason Jars, burlap tablecloth and many flowers included in the decoration, which can be inside in old wine bottles.

For this decoration, it is a good idea to use cute paper bee nests and paper lamps, which give a country view, the accessories can vary from wooden carts.

country baby shower

It cannot miss in this decoration:

✓Field colors: yellow, green, and pastel colors.

✓Elements you find on a farm.

✓Wicker baskets and palette drawers.

6.Unicorns Baby Shower Theme.

unicor party

A fantastic world to celebrate a magical moment in the lives of future parents, this theme is full of many colors play wisely with them.

Decoration with balloons, confetti, and garlands is allowed in this theme. Make your sweet table the protagonist with a rainbow decoration with balloons and highlight those delicious cakes with lots of colors.

What should you take into account with this decoration?

✓The main colors palette for this theme could be mint blue, purple, pink, gold, and white.

✓You can use white bigs balloons to make unicorns, how? Use golden cones to simulate the unicorn’s horn and make little ears with cardboard.

✓Other decorative elements you can use are confetti, paper lamps, and paper bee nests.

7. Gold Rose Baby Shower

A classic theme that can become a beautiful one, if that rose combines it with a lot of gold, transforming the theme into Rose Gold.

You know that a beautiful girl is coming on the way, and you want to celebrate with the color pink everywhere. Include a white and gold color palette and you will have a beautiful and elegant baby shower.

These accessories cannot miss:

✓Balloons with golden rose design and golden balloons.

✓Elegant accessories such as chandeliers, mason jars that you can paint with rose gold or gold spray.

✓Bright confetti and frosty tablecloths.

✓Disposable plates and golden cups.

8. Sport theme Baby Shower.

A theme to pamper dad, (who also deserves it) if you know that the future baby is a boy.

This theme is perfect if you know the gender of the baby and if you want dad to participate in the baby shower.

The idea with this theme is to play with dad’s favorites sports. Does he like baseball or soccer? Is he a fan of a special team? We are going to use that information to design the Baby Shower.

✓Make a garland of allegorical baby clothes to Dad’s favorite sports team.

✓Use sports accessories, balls, team flags, and their colors.

9. Circus theme Baby Shower

A very nice idea to make a baby shower with a circus theme if you want to reveal the sex of the child.

The best way to decorate the space as a circus is using the color red and white as protagonists.

Among the accessories, you can use a big top hat, cute clowns, acrobats, a wheel of fortune and of course the balloons cannot miss inside the decoration.

Essential decoration for set a circus:

✓Balloons, confetti, and garlands.

✓Allegorical adornments to the circus, images of clowns.

✓You can serve popcorn and cotton candy.

✓Red and white fabrics to decorate like a circus tent.

10. Tropical Baby Shower Theme.

Think of palm trees and the sea, fresh fruits, like watermelons and pineapples.

A tropical baby shower is a fairly neutral theme to show the baby’s gender or to keep it secret until his birth.

Here the green and white colors predominate, but you can also add golden accessories.

Basics in a tropical style Baby Shower:

✓Natural palm trees and artificial palm leaves to decorate tables.

✓Golden and white balloons, some paper lamps with those tones.

✓Use fruits like pineapple and watermelon to make a beautiful Sweet Table.

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